Be a Master of Craps – Pointers and Tactics: Don’t Give Up
Jun 24th, 2021 by Aliyah

Be smart, wager clever, and master how to wager on craps the right way!

During your craps-playing life, you will likely have more bad luck times than winners. Just accept this fact. You need to learn to bet in the real world, not fantasy land. Craps was designed for the gambler to lose.

Say, after a few hours, the dice have brought down your chips down to $20. You haven’t noticed a hot toss in a long time. despite the fact that not winning is just as much a part of the game as profiting, you can’t help but feel cursed. You ponder about why you even came to Sin City in the first place. You attempted to be a rock for a few hours, but it did not work. You are wanting to profit so badly that you relinquish discipline of your common sense. You’re down to your last $20 for the night and you have little fight left. Stop with your!

You can in no way capitulate, never bow out, in no way think, "This is awful, I am going to lay the remainder on the Hard 4 and, if I do not win, then I’ll say goodbye. However if I succeed, I’ll be even for the day." That is the stupidest thing you could attempt at the closure of a bad luck night.

If you insist on giving your cash away, for heaven’s sake send it to your chosen charity. Don’t hand it to the gambling den. Every so often, you shall succeed on one of those idiotic bets, but do not imagine you’ll earn enough over time to conquer your losses.

Now you know! Remember, become versed in the proper way to wager on craps the correct way.

Learn to Play Craps – Tricks and Techniques: The Past of Craps
Jun 20th, 2021 by Aliyah

Be cunning, play smart, and learn how to play craps the ideal way!

Dice and dice games date back to the Crusades, but modern craps is approximately a century old. Current craps developed from the 12th Century Anglo game referred to as Hazard. No one absolutely knows the birth of the game, although Hazard is believed to have been discovered by the Anglo, Sir William of Tyre, sometime in the twelfth century. It’s supposed that Sir William’s soldiers played Hazard amid a blockade on the citadel Hazarth in 1125 AD. The title Hazard was derived from the castle’s name.

Early French colonizers imported the game Hazard to Nova Scotia. In the 18th century, when expelled by the English, the French moved down south and located refuge in southern Louisiana where they at a later time became Cajuns. When they left Acadia, they brought their preferred game, Hazard, with them. The Cajuns simplified the game and made it mathematically fair. It’s believed that the Cajuns altered the name to craps, which was acquired from the name of the bad luck throw of 2 in the game of Hazard, known as "crabs."

From Louisiana, the game extended to the Mississippi river boats and across the nation. A good many consider the dice maker John H. Winn as the father of modern craps. In 1907, Winn created the current craps layout. He added the Don’t Pass line so players could wager on the dice to not win. At another time, he developed the boxes for Place bets and added the Big 6, Big 8, and Hardways.

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